Jul 162020

Well – it looks like a bunch of “Republicans” in the legislature are in need of loving, the kind of loving that only the Right On Daily Blog can give RINO’s.

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July 16, 2020, In the Year of Our Lord, U.S. Constitution Art. VII, 10:07pm
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Why Elect Republicans When They Vote Like Democrats?
After you read my explanation of SB3 below and what happened yesterday, my question is this. Why vote for Republicans when they vote like Democrats? Contact the Republican Senators and Assemblymen who voted for SB3 and ask them that question.
Yesterday during the Special Session of the Nevada Legislature, the Senate voted 19-2 for SB3 with only 2 Republicans Senators Hansen and Hardy, voting No. SB3 passed the Assembly 32 to 10 with only 6 of 13 Republicans, Assemblymen Chris Edwards, John Ellison, John Hambrick, Alexis Hansen, Lisa Krasner, and Jim Wheeler, voting No. Democrats Richard Carillo, Skip Daly, Ozzie Fumo, and Greg Smith also voted No.
MESSAGE:Why did you vote with the Democrats on SB3 against mining and the rural counties which are overwhelmingly Republican? We expect you to vote to uphold the two-thirds requirement in the Nevada Constitution for raising taxes even if you lose. Please stand for principle. (or write you own message).
Republican Senators voting YES on SB3 like the Democrats: [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]
Republican Senators and Assemblyman voting NO on SB3: Thank them for voting NO on SB3 like Republicans should!
You can view the floor statements near the end of the sessions for both the Senate and the Assembly: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Video/
SB3 Requires the mines for the “net proceeds of minerals” tax to pay their taxes a year in advance before they ever make any money. How would other businesses do if they had to pay their taxes a year before they are operating for that year or making any money?   In his opposition on the Senate Floor Senator Ira Hansen said that in his opinion this was unconstitutional because the Nevada Constitution requires a fair and equitable tax system. If all businesses had to pay a year in advance then this would be fair and equitable, but the Legislature is singling out one industry as it is only being imposed on mining. Small mines may have to borrow the money to be able to pay their taxes and it could certainly make it impossible for them to operate putting them out of business. This acceleration of the mining tax will be for 2021, 22 and 23 and then revert to the former method of payment. The Legislative Counsel Bureau sided with the Democrats and against the 2/3rds voting requirement for raising taxes. More below under Settelmeyer.
SB3: Currently, the state highway fund gets 75% of the money from the government services tax when you register you vehicle and the state general fund gets 25%. This bill changes that so that the general fund gets 100% of the tax money and the highway fund nothing for one year. This will have a tremendous impact on construction jobs which will be lost because of the loss of funding for the highway fund. The bill also provides for the Nevada Dept. of Taxation to create an amnesty program for people who owe back taxes so that if they pay their taxes in full, they will not have to pay any interest or fees. They expect to get about 1/3 of people to pay, raising close to $30 million.
Republican minority leader Senator Settelmeyer stated that in 2010 almost the exact legislation was passed and needed a 2/3 votes. Why in 2020 does the bill not require a 2/3 vote? Was the Legislative Counsel Bureau wrong in 2010? Or is this another challenge to the 2/3 vote requirement in the Nevada Constitution to pass a tax or fee? He asked if it was designed to support the court case that was currently in the courts, which the Republicans brought from the last session when a bill came to the Senate Floor with a requirement for 2/3 vote did not pass and then was brought back within an hour without the 2/3rds requirement and passed. Senator Hardy made the same points. Although Senator Settelmeyer still voted for SB3 and Senator Hardy voted No on SB3. Kevin Powers of the Legislative Counsel Bureau sided with the Democrats and against the 2/3rds voting requirement for raising taxes.
On the Assembly Floor the public testimony by Leftist-Socialists paid lobbyists spent their time bashing the mining industry and saying they needed to pay more taxes and that acceleration was not enough. Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen gave a stirring defense of the mining industry. She reminded the body that mining also pays many other taxes and is the major industry in most of the rural counties. That mining creates well paying jobs averaging $90,000 a year. You can hear her at the link above. Assemblywoman Titus also defended mining but voted for SB3.
It is time to sue the legislature for this unconstitutional act. The RINO’s in Carson City just pulled an Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are ripping off future years because they lack the courage to tell public employee unions and welfare recipients no. We expect this kind of dishonesty from Democrats. But Republicans like Kieckhefer and Stettlemeyer that play conservative in their district and then bargain the future of the state away when they think no one is going to know need to be held accountable.
Right On Daily Nevada is building a target list and these guys are on it.
It is time to primary challenge these so-called “Republicans” that are screwing the second largest source of revenue for Nevada. Note, these cowards did not mess with the Casino Industry.