Mar 312019

I believe that the Nevada Democrats are on to something. It appears they have data that is showing the extreme lerch left is killing them with ordinary people. Stuff like this does not happen in a vacuum.

Miracles in the Making

All these bills are in process. Nothing is final. Most are just barely out of the first committee. These are the bills covered in this report: AB281 Sanctuary State, AB420 Property Forfeiture, AB186 National Popular Vote, AB244 Increases 5 Taxes, SB354Board of Regents, and AB123 Vaccines.

AB281 Sanctuary State:I was overjoyed tosee the incredible turnout opposing this bill. The Sponsor Assemblyman Flores objected to it being called a Sanctuary State bill and was upset with the email that went out that was calling it one. That was a great endorsement of our Alert emails! AB281 is a prelude to a full-blown Sanctuary Bill and just like Flores has done with the driver’s authorization cards for illegals, he moves forward one significant step at a time. When Chair Yeager asked everyone to stand who was opposed to the bill…90% of the full room in Carson stood and it appeared the same in Las Vegas. There was also an overflow room in Carson. Those who spoke against the bill did an excellent job…well prepared, articulate and passionate. The presentation by Flores and the Las Vegas Metro Police and all the testimony in favor took 32 minutes. The Chair gave 54 minutes to the opposition at 2 minutes each alternating between Carson and Las Vegas. 28 people spoke against it, and 13 in favor.     Metro said that what AB281 mandated was currently their policy….Flores wants to mandate that pro-illegal alien policy in all counties. All the sheriffs from other counties were in a meeting in Tonopah so none were represented. I just wanted to shout hallelujah that so many people came. I especially want to thank the Douglas County Republicans for turning out so many people! I have no idea what will happen with the bill, but this turnout should cause them deep concern. You can view the hearing…it’s the last bill at.

AB420 Property Forfeiture: This bill was heard in the same hearing as AB281. Former Republican Senator Don Gustavson worked for at least 3 sessions trying to improve our civil property forfeiture laws. These are laws which allow police to confiscate your property without due process if you are charged with a crime or someone who perhaps was driving your car, living in your home or rental, etc. was charged with a crime. This bill moves civil forfeiture into the criminal law which is much better. It puts restraints on law enforcement….sorely needed (there has been tremendous abuse because the police have kept what they confiscate)…and it provides for due process for both the innocent and those charged…they can’t keep it unless they are convicted. We supported this bill and after so many years it appears to have an excellent opportunity to move forward.

AB186 National Popular Vote passed out of the Assembly Committee with all Democrats voting for it on March 14th. It should have been voted on by the entire Assembly more than a week ago. So far…no vote. I think the reason there’s been no vote is because the Reno-Gazette Journal reported that the Assembly Majority Floor Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson, D-Reno, said “she was wary of Assembly Bill 186, which would see Nevada join a nationwide push to elect the president purely by popular vote.” Benitez-Thompson is second in leadership only to Speaker Jason Frierson.     The article went on to say, “Benitez-Thompson worries a shift away from the institution would shrink the Silver State’s hard-won place on the national political stage.     “I have a small-state perspective,” Benitez-Thompson told an audience at the Reno Gazette Journal’s monthly Pints and Politics event. “I always want to feel like our vote matters.     “We in Nevada have worked so hard to make sure our voice is bigger than we are in the presidential caucus. … I just don’t want Nevada to lose a very unique position. We have a pretty big influence and I want to protect that.”

AB244 Increases 5 Taxes including: Property Taxes, Sales Taxes, Car Registration Taxes, andother Taxes for ALL counties but Clark. This bill was a disastrous shift away from Representative Government and gave power to an Unelected Biased Committee to recommend that any or all of these 5 taxes be raised for capital improvements for schools and then submitted it to the voters. This bill was sponsored by Republican Assemblyman Al Kramer. He submitted amendments to the bill which: made it only apply to Carson City, did away with the Committee and required the elected County Commission (Board of Supervisors) to determine whether or not to submit any tax increase recommendations to the voters. Because the Sponsor requested the amendments I anticipate the Committee will adopt them. WOW! 95% better!

SB354 Board of Regents: This bill takes effect if AJR5* from the 2017 session passes, which changes the governance of the Board of Regents. The original version of AJR5* eliminated the right of the people to vote for the Board of Regents. We strenuously objected. That portion was removed from the resolution in 2017. Now in violation of our concerns, SB354 takes away our right to vote for the Board of Regents…thinking that the Powers that Be who appoint are smarter than the people who vote….We will then have special interests determining the Board of Regents. I believe your email made the miracle! When the sponsor, Senate Woodhouse, presented the bill she said there was so much push back because it took away the people’s right to vote, that she was taking that part out of the bill!!!

AB123 Vaccines was to change the procedures for maintaining information, reporting and contacting parents of children who have medical or religious exemptions from vaccines. This battle was valiantly pursued by many young mothers from Medical Choice….The concern is about persecution by the Health Department if the information on exempted children went beyond the school .     These are the “conceptual” amendments which were adopted by the Assembly Education Committee on Thursday. This was truly a miracle because they included all the things we asked for. (I have condensed the amendments).

  • Require information concerning exemption statements to be maintained in Infinite Campus or in the school’s record system. Copies will not be given to any outside entities. (Parent’s were very concerned that they would go to the Health Dept.)
  • Removed all provisions requiring consent to disclose (they were forcing parents to sign away privacy rights) so the information could be given to the Health Dept.
  • The Health Division will be provided with the number of students with medical or religious exemptions on file for each school but will not have access to individual student information.
  • In the event of an outbreak, and if directed to do so by local health authority, schools will contact all parents.
  • Provide that exemptions for medical conditions that are permanent do not need to be submitted more than one time.
  • Authorize physician assistants to sign a written statement for exemption for medical conditions.
  • Provide that exemptions for religious beliefs do not need to be submitted more than one time. They will be on file in Infinite Campus or other student data systems.
  • Clarify that if a child moves to another school that does not utilize Infinite Campus or other student data system, a statement of exemption will have to be filed when enrolling in the new school.
  • Remove provisions deeming a child to be neglected if he was not immunized according to the provisions of the bill.

Miracles! The hearing for this was overflowing with parents with personal experiences of vaccine injured children….including deaths. The Medical Choice people were very active on this issue as was Nevada Families’ own Communications Director Nancy Jones. However, we must remain vigilant because the Health Department is still talking about a “form” for exemptions and Immunize Nevada is working in conjunction with them.


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